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Cold Email SDR

Build Your B2B Pipeline. Quickly.

Cold email is one of the fastest ways to generate meetings with qualified decision makers.


However, it is poorly understood and used. When done poorly, it can lead to a loss in reputation, poor email deliverability, and worse, a slump in sales.


When done well, you will wake up to dozens of responses saying "interested" and meetings on your calendar. 

As a cold email marketing agency, 8cast can help you EARN at MINIMUM a 4% positive reply rate on your cold email campaigns.

Lead Generation. On Autopilot.

Make Money

Let your next 30 days pay for your next 90. Generally we see the following with our campaigns: 

  • Campaign launch within 2 weeks time

  • +50% open rates

  • +4% positive reply rates

  • +10 meetings per month


Save Money

Hiring SDRs/BDRs is expensive and it takes time to ramp them up. 8cast is:

  • Able to ramp quicker than a new SDR/BDR

  • Up to speed on modern outbound prospecting best practices

  • Has experience across multiple industries and price points

Save Time

No more tedious hours spent:

  • Warming up domains

  • Personalizing each account / prospect

  • Writing cold email sequences​

  • Scheduling and re-scheduling meetings


Don't Believe Us? Ask Our Customers.

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